teacher Developed tools

Teachers are the key actors in assessment for Schools2030. A central aim of the programme is to give teachers space, agency and tools to use assessment to support their teaching practice.

For Schools2030, supporting teachers with assessment will be done partly by providing them with quantitative holistic measurement tools developed by National Assessment Partners, with support from Global Assessment Partners. These tools can be used at the beginning and end of each year by teachers to design and track the progress of their solutions.

In addition to these tools, Schools2030 provides guidance to help teachers find, adapt and use other tools and approaches to assessment for formative purposes. This allows teachers to track and iterate their classroom solution throughout the year. Collectively, the robust assessment tools and the flexible classroom-driven formative assessments make up the teacher “toolbox” of assessment approaches.

The Teacher Toolkit

Schools2030 understands that ideally, teachers use a “toolbox” of approaches to track learning within their classrooms. This can range from national assessment data, to informal observation and knowledge checking approaches. Placing teachers at the heart of assessment practice means understanding the importance of this toolbox and recognising the skills and approaches that teachers already possess.

  1. Teacher communities of pratice
  2. End of lesson checks
  3. Vignette based tools
  4. Other Teacher Generated Assessments
  5. Tools for assessment within an integrated curriculum
  6. Classroom observation
  7. Data from national assesments
  8. Schools2030 validated asssessment tools

Tools for Supporting Teachers

To guide partners in supporting teachers with assessment Schools2030 has produced a handbook covering approaches to teacher led formative assessment. It is accompanied by a podcast featuring a discussion on teachers’ current practices and future ambitions for assessment in Afghanistan