We believe that
educators are designers.

Are you interested in launching a Human-Centered Design Challenge at your school?
Leverage the tools and resources on this page to initiate your own project following the Schools2030
Human-Centered Design process.


Leverage the Schools2030 Human-Centered Design tools to plan, launch and complete your Design Challenge.

Educator Toolkit

The Schools2030 Human-Centered Design Toolkit is designed to support a design-based innovation process for schools participating in the Schools2030 initiative as well as any educator who decides to take on a design challenge. This process can be led by educators and school leaders, empowering them to identify problems and create solutions in response to concerns identified through the data collected with the PROMISE app and through reflection. This process is open-ended and adaptable to the cultural contexts, resource constraints and opportunities of each unique school.

The goal in conducting this design process for your school or classroom is to identify the root causes of the learning gaps for your students in order to design and test solutions that address those root causes and thus increase learning outcomes. We will be referencing the Schools2030 holistic learning outcomes as our guidelines for what learning outcomes to try to improve.

School Leader Guide

The Schools2030 School Leader Guide is designed to support School Leaders in the process of planning and initiating a Human-Centered Design process at their schools. The School Leader Guide includes context for launching a Human-Centered Design process, planning tools and additional resources that give more context for the potential of Human-Centered Design.

Facilitator Guide

The Schools2030 Facilitator Guide is designed to support those who are tasked with facilitating 
a Human-Centered Design Challenge with a team or group of teams. The Facilitator Guide includes planning tools, tips for facilitating, criteria for quality design work and additional resources that give more context 
for the potential of Human-Centered Design.