Showcasing School-Led Innovations for Education Systems Change

Taking the ideas of teachers and school communities to scale around the world

The critical third step of the Schools2030 Three-Step Model aims to catalyse locally rooted, school-led innovations and amplify and scale them across the world.

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One of the key ways in which we do this is through the annual Schools2030 Global Forum. The annual convening brings global leaders and policymakers into dialogue with teachers from across our programme countries so that together, we can explore new ideas, innovations and learnings to improve outcomes for students across the world.

At the heart of the Schools2030 approach is the recognition that schools should be the centre of social change, not the target of change. We believe teachers are the drivers of that change; we believe teachers are the innovators we need to improve holistic outcomes for all students.

Sharing Our Stories
to Inspire Change

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Schools2030 is also working alongside Finnish partner, HundrED, to develop the platform – a teacher to teacher network that will not only store the many innovations from the programme but can grow to become a public good for educators and learners the world over to share ideas, best practices and learnings.