WATCH – How can Human-Centred Design (HCD) help achieve SDG4?

The global launch of the Schools2030 HCD Toolkit – documentary feature

27 July 2021
By Sarah James

The AKF-led Schools2030 programme is delighted to globally launch the free, open-source HCD Toolkit, which aims to equip educators across 1000 schools with foundational design skills and tools to amplify their work & improve the learning outcomes of students.

To celebrate this pivotal moment in the lifespan of Schools2030, a short documentary feature film went live on 26th July as a side event at Global Partnership for Education Summit (28-29th July 2021). 

The film introduces global audiences to the transformative world of Schools2030 and its mission to help give teachers and school communities the tools they need to become education innovators. It also gives viewers the opportunity to learn more about Schools2030, Human-Centred Design and the Toolkit up close: who and what is Schools2030; what is HCD and why do we use it; who is behind the creation of the Toolkit; how will we transform our collective approach to education; and how will the Toolkit engage schools, CSOs and governments in a classroom-driven design process that can catalyse positive change.

We hope you enjoy the film!

Schools2030 is a ten-year participatory learning improvement programme based in 1,000 government schools across ten countries. Schools2030 supports teachers and students to design and implement education micro-innovations. These low-cost and scaleable innovations will inform and transform education systems to improve holistic learning outcomes for the most marginalised learners worldwide. Join the movement on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.