LISTEN – Schools2030 and Data Must Speak: exploring positive deviant methodology in Tanzanian schools

02 November 2023
By Sarah James

Schools2030 is pleased to publish the first podcast in this series, VoicED. VoicED brings together a diverse set of voices with expertise in international education development, policy, research and practice.

In this first episode, Schools2030 Global Research Officer, Ellen Smith, talks to Jessica Bergmann from UNICEF’s Office of Research – Innocenti, and Schools2030 National Coordinator in Tanzania, Shaibu Athuman, about the process of co-creating evidence in Tanzanian schools. They discuss the purpose behind Innocenti’s Data Must Speak (DMS) project and why it is looking at the model of positive deviance to improve school practices. Featuring insights from Khalid Dihenga from the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. We hope you enjoy the discussion!

Find out more about our research, or read in more detail about the DMS project in Tanzania.

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