Celebrating another successful year with the publication of the second Schools2030 Annual Report

The report looks back on all we have achieved and learned together in 2022.

28 February 2023
By Sarah James

We are delighted to release the second Schools2030 Annual Report, looking back on the year of consolidation and growth for our programme that was 2022.

In this report you will find details on everything we achieved across our work streams last year – each of our Three Steps (Assess, Innovate, Showcase), reports from our ten countries, our research and evaluation work and our communications and visibility activities. We are also pleased to include details of a huge range of holistic learning innovations that are truly beginning to change the education landscape, as well as testimonials from a wide range of staff, partners, teachers and more.

We also share in our final pages some of the crucial lessons we have learned, and how we intend to iterate and adapt our programme in the coming years to make it even more effective at catalysing school-driven educational change. We hope you enjoy reading!

Schools2030 is a ten-year participatory learning improvement programme based in 1,000 government schools across ten countries. Schools2030 supports teachers and students to design and implement education micro-innovations. These low-cost and scaleable innovations will inform and transform education systems to improve holistic learning outcomes for the most marginalised learners worldwide. Join the movement on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.