Embarking on Schools2030 Phase 2 – read our strategy for strengthening pathways and partnerships for education systems change

01 December 2023
By Sarah James

Schools2030 is entering a new phase of its programme development. In our launch phase (2020-2023) we focused on co-developing the Schools2030 three-step model – Assess, Innovate, Showcase – and the suite of tools, guidance materials and workshop resources that underpin each of these steps. Now, as we enter Phase 2, we do so with a consolidated approach and methodology that will allow us to strengthen our operations and ultimately our impact.

Our strategy for Phase 2 will focus on strengthening existing – and forging new – partnerships, and building a movement for school-led change across four work streams:

  • Assessment
  • Design and Innovation
  • Research, Evaluation and Learning
  • Communications, Events and Policy Engagement

In the strategy document (left), you can read in more detail what it will mean to build this global movement across these workstreams at school-level, at national-level and at global-level.

Please download and share widely within your networks.

Schools2030 is a ten-year participatory learning improvement programme based in 1,000 government schools across ten countries. Schools2030 supports teachers and students to design and implement education micro-innovations. These low-cost and scaleable innovations will inform and transform education systems to improve holistic learning outcomes for the most marginalised learners worldwide. Join the movement on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.