WATCH – What are we learning from the Schools2030 Research Projects? A Deep Dive into Findings

23 January 2023
By Sarah James

At the beginning of the year, Schools2030 held a virtual webinar connecting different actors across the Schools2030 ecosystem to collectively discuss initial findings emerging from the Schools2030 Global Research Projects.

Representatives from the Global Research Partners – Zizi Afrique, ITA Pakistan, Right to Play International, University of Dar es Salaam, Nazarbayev University, University of California, Berkeley, and UNICEF Innocenti – provided a brief update on the progress of their projects, before breaking into groups together with Schools2030 country teams, partners and donors to reflect on what has been learnt so far, and what this might mean for the Schools2030 programme. As our first cohort of Research Partners, it was also an occasion to reflect on the opportunities and challenges that have presented through our collaborative approach to research.

Given the rich and diverse findings, as well as the many avenues for potential further exploration, Schools2030 will continue to hold spaces to spotlight research and evidence as part of our efforts to better connect schools to systems. You can watch the recording of the session here.

Schools2030 is a ten-year participatory learning improvement programme based in 1,000 government schools across ten countries. Schools2030 supports teachers and students to design and implement education micro-innovations. These low-cost and scaleable innovations will inform and transform education systems to improve holistic learning outcomes for the most marginalised learners worldwide. Join the movement on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.