July Monday
July Monday

The Global Launch of the Schools2030 Human-Centred Design Toolkit – Global Partnership for Education Summit


3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

To celebrate the launch of the Schools2030 Human-Centred Design (HCD) Toolkit, Schools2030 is delighted to be hosting a side event at the Global Partnership for Education Financing Summit. The virtual event this year brings together organisations, policy-makers, and development practitioners from across the globe to share ideas, exchange knowledge and insights from implementing education programmes and build partnerships for future funding.

At the Schools2030 Side Event we will launch a new short documentary feature titled: How can Human-Centred Design help to achieve SDG4? The film will deep dive into Schools2030’s use of HCD and share insights from our global team into how this tool for innovation can tap in to the expertise of those closest to the issues, that is, the teachers and school communities themselves, and help catalyse positive educational change.

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POST EVENT: Watch our Human-Centred Design documentary feature and read all about the Summit Side Event

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