Day 1 | 2023

Promoting Equity, Inclusion and Pluralism in and through Early Learning Settings

Explore the day’s panels and challenge sessions below and download a graphic recording capturing the key points from each session.

Discussion Panel Day 1:
How might we foster more inclusive, equitable and pluralistic learning in and through the early years?

Chair: Nafisa Shekhova, Aga Khan Foundation

Panellists: Abbie Raikes, University of Nebraska | Naima Adam, Madrasa Early Childhood Programme | Martín Benavides, IIEP-UNESCO | Ana Sofia Antunes, Secretary of State for Inclusion, Portugal | João Costa, Minister of Education, Portugal

Schools2030 Teacher Showcase
Innovations to improve quality and equity in pre-primary education

Chair: Shaibu Athuman, Schools2030 Tanzania

Teachers: Mwajuma Athumani Mlezi, Mbande Primary School, Tanzania | Janali Entezar, Schools2030 Afghanistan, on behalf of ECD teachers, Shakila Begum and Qurban Begum, Karte Khorasan School | Rogério Pereira, School Cluster Algueirão, Sintra, Portugal

Respondent: Chris Thomas, Yidan Prize Foundation, Foundations Representative on Global Partnership for Education

How might we address diversity when investigating the use of holistic skills assessments for early childhood development?

Facilitators: Ellen Smith, Schools2030 Global | Rebecca Zhu, University of California, Berkeley | Eric Opoku, Right to Play | Emily Tusiime, Schools2030 East Africa | Mwajuma Athumani Mlezi, Pre-School Teacher at Mbande Primary School, Tanzania

Teacher-led learning circles for formative assessment: Inclusion through teacher leadership

Speakers: Martin Henry, Education International | Dalila Andrade Oliveria, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil | Monika Bieri, School Teacher, Switzerland | Ana Maria Clementino, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil | Manuela Mendonça, FENPROF

Reflective practice in mathematics education: Engaging teachers in learning communities for deepening equitable instructional practices and supporting student thinking

Facilitators: Rajeev Virmani, Sonoma State University | Maina WaGĩokõ, Aga Khan Schools, Academy, Mombasa

Empowering teachers to build and systematise their innovations: The role of action research to foster equitable and inclusive education

Facilitator: Thaís Mesquita, Ashoka | Diego Elias, CIEJA Campo Limpo, Brazil | Fernando Tavares, University of São Paulo, Brazil

How might we excite and inspire teachers to use more inclusive design in teaching and learning?

Facilitators: John McIntosh, STiR |  Sughra Choudhry Khan, Schools2030 Pakistan | Jane Sebuyungo, STiR | Rupert Corbishley, Aga Khan Foundation | Halima Shaaban, Schools2030 Kenya

How do we best support teachers to enhance their voice and autonomy through holistic and innovative teaching methods in challenging contexts?

Facilitators: Ahmad Zamir Gowara, Schools2030 Afghanistan | Baela Jamil, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi | Mir Afzal, Nazarbayev University | Rayana Fazli, Aga Khan Foundation

Youth Workshop Part 1:
Empowering the future: A hybrid meeting of Schools2030 youth across five countries to discuss implications of the UN Transforming Education Summit in their contexts

Keynote: João Costa, Minister of Education for Portugal

Gamification and personalized learning for inclusive mathematics education

Facilitators: Fernando Luís Santos, Schools2030 Portugal | Mauro Figueiredo, Universidade do Algarve

How to teach climate resilience – learn and share with others!

Facilitators: Bakari Liwowa, Kitomanga Secondary School, Tanzania | Lasse Leponiemi, HundrED | Hans Park, HundrED

How can we help pre-primary teachers engage with data on classroom practices?

Facilitators: Abbie Raikes, UNMC, ECD Measure | Rebecca Mojgani, ECD Measure | Jem Alvarenga Lima, ECD Measure | Naima Adam, Madrasa Early Childhood Programme, Kenya

Speaking experience to change: Amplifying teacher voices in classrooms, school networks, Ministries of Education and beyond

Facilitators: Laurel Schmitt, R4D | Courtney Tolmie, R4D | Jessica Lynn Bergmann, UNICEF | John McIntosh, STiR | Jane Sebuyungo, STiR

How do we improve diagnostics and acceptability of children with disabilities in East Africa and globally?

Facilitators: Cassie Hornsby-Waide, ThinkPlace | Shakoor Muhammad, Schools2030 Pakistan | Kaitlynn Saldanha, Luminos Fund

How might local civil society groups best contribute towards inclusive education systems, particularly for out of school and vulnerable adolescents?

Facilitator: Matt Reeves, Aga Khan Foundation

Global Forum Opening Ceremony
How might we foster more inclusive schools, equitable education systems and pluralistic learning societies?

Chair: Andrew Cunningham, Aga Khan Foundation

Opening Remarks: Rui de Carvalho de Araújo Moreira, Mayor of Porto | João Costa, Minister of Education, Portugal | Jamila Mayanja, Youth Educator, Uganda

Panel: The Catalytic Role of Philanthropy: Laura Savage, International Education Funders Group (Moderator) | Tariq Al Gurg, Dubai Cares | Sidsel Marie Kristensen, LEGO Foundation | Simon Sommer, Jacobs Foundation

Opening Reflections: Ana Catarina Mendes, Minister in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Affairs | Michael Kocher, Aga Khan Foundation