Day 3 | 2023

Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Learning Opportunities for Youth

Explore the day’s panels and challenge sessions below and download a graphic recording capturing the key points from each session.

Discussion Panel
Promoting equitable, inclusive and pluralistic learning opportunities for adolescents and youth

Chair: Jayne Barlow, Global Centre for Pluralism

Panellists: David Yeager, University of Texas | Darius Cernean, Commercial School of Lisbon​ | Jo Parsons, Prince’s Trust International | Tricia Wind, International Development Research Centre | Nadi Albino, Generation Unlimited, UNICEF

Schools2030 Teacher Showcase
Innovations and alternative pathways to support inclusive learning opportunities for youth

Chair: Halima Shaaban, Schools2030 Kenya

Teachers: Diego Elias, General Coordinator of CIEJA Campo Limpo, Brazil | Alfred Sigo, CEP, Pwani Youth Network, Kenya | Jamila Mayanja, CEO and Founder of Smart Girls, Kampala, Uganda

Respondent: Tara Painter, Global Affairs Canada

How do we use flexible, demand driven approaches, to support the growth of a cadre of teachers who are leaders in holistic assessment?

Facilitators: Fergal Turner, Oxford MeasurEd | Ana Camacho, University of Porto | Emily Tusiime, Schools2030 East Africa | Catarina Grande, University of Porto

Innovation learning labs: how can teachers lead student learning through creative problem solving for the SDGs?

Facilitators: Jack Davies, World’s Largest Lesson/Project Everyone | Alison Bellwood, World’s Largest Lesson/Project Everyone

How might we help teachers create more inclusive learning environments?

Facilitators: Sughra Choudhry Khan, Schools2030 Pakistan | Fernando Luís Santos, Schools2030 Portugal | Nazira Zholdoshbekova, Schools2030 Kyrgyz Republic | Halima Shaaban, Schools2030 Kenya

Towards building a sustainable future: How might we support educators in understanding what green competencies can support young people in entrepreneurship?

Facilitator: Nafisa Shekhova, Aga Khan Foundation | Jo Parsons, Prince’s Trust International | Mike Bowles, Aga Khan Foundation | Dermot Finch, Prince’s Trust International

Gender and Inclusion: Tackling exploitation of girls for grades and fees in secondary and tertiary education; Insights from the FCDO-GFF paper launch

Facilitators: Ryan Burgess, Whole Child Advisors | Andrea Pizziconi, Girls First Finance

How can we coordinate to help better ensure that research and innovation is considered in policy dialogue?

Facilitators: Ian Macpherson, Global Partnership for Education | Tricia Wind, International Development Research Centre

Climate and Education
How might we best support educators’ roles in addressing the climate crisis?

Chair: Andrew Cunningham, Aga Khan Foundation

System Responses

Facilitator: Maja Groff, Climate Governance Commission

Panellists: Sarah Beardmore, Global Partnership for Education | Won Jung Byun, UNESCO | Kevin Frey, Generation Unlimited, UNICEF

School and Community Responses

Facilitator: Lennart Kuntze, Teach For All

Panellists: Egoitz Etxeandia, Empieza por Educar Alumnus | Esther Gacigi, Teach for Kenya Fellow | Ahmad El Baghdadi, Teach For Lebanon Fellow

Society Response: RewirEd Summit at COP28

Speaker: Tariq Al Gurg, Dubai Cares


Schools2030 Global Forum Closing Ceremony
Looking Back and Looking Forward: How might we promote more inclusive schools, equitable education systems, and pluralistic learning societies by 2024?

Chair: Davlatsulton Dorgabekova, Aga Khan Foundation, Kyrgyz Republic

Panellists: Anna Pons, OECD Schools+, Brad Olsen, Brookings Institution | João Costa, Minister of Education, Portugal | Kanybek Imanaliev, Minister of Education and Science, Kyrgyz Republic) | Kartikey Dhanji Budhdhabhatti, IAS, Education Project Council, Bihar, India