Are you a teacher who wants to influence education policy and practice in your community?

At the heart of the Schools2030 approach is the recognition that schools should be the centre of social change, not the target of change. We believe teachers are the drivers of that change; we believe teachers are the innovators we need to improve holistic outcomes for all students.

In order to amplify and accelerate the innovative work teachers already do, we have developed a range of Human-Centred Design tools to help teachers create and implement innovative education practices to improve teaching and learning in their classrooms.

Once you have developed an innovative idea that works, the next step is to share that idea with other educators and policy-makers. By representing the needs of your school community and students, you have the opportunity to elevate the voices of those who are not typically heard at a regional, country or global level and shape the conversation about what matters in education policy and practice.

This minicourse called Inspiring Change through Our Stories supports teachers to present their practices and innovations to policy-makers and other education stakeholders.


There are no better experts about what works in education than you! In order to help make real, sustained change for students, the world needs to hear from you about your expertise, your students’ challenges, needs and wants, and your creative innovations.

We want to help you be prepared to seize the opportunity to shape the regional, national and global conversation about what really matters for students. This minicourse will help your prepare to share your knowledge, wisdom and ideas with other educational leaders (like you!), funders and policymakers when the opportunity arises.

Our hope is that by using these resources, you will be able to accomplish several goals while sharing your ideas:

  • Represent those whose voices are not present (students and families) in policy conversations
  • Inspire other teachers at your school or in your community to try out your innovations in their classrooms
  • Influence broader policy and funder conversations about what works in education


We are excited to share several inspirational talks from AKF Schools2030 National Coordinators that demonstrate the need for your voice to be included in the regional, national and global conversation.

Educators as Policy Influencers

Sherali Saidoshurov

Speak from the Heart

Janat Namatovu

Help Them Understand

Arjun Sanyal

We Need to Hear Your Voices!

Rita Alves

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