Inspiring Change Through Our Stories Mini Course

Best Practices

Storytelling Best Practices – Learning Modules

These video modules and slide decks will help you learn the best practices of creating and delivering compelling presentations.
You will learn the essentials for how to create and deliver a compelling presentation that will influence change. 

Module 1

Presentation Best Practices

Module 2

Developing Your Presentation Strategy

Module 3

Iterating Your Presentation

Module 4

Help the Audience Understand through Visuals

Module 5

Build Confidence through Preparation

Module 6

Getting Ready to Present

All Slides

This resource provides all the slides from the six modules in one place.

If you want to quickly review the content of the course, read through this slide deck.

Aditional resources


These resources are designed to help you to reflect on your innovations and gather the materials they need to create your presentations.

Emotional Arc of
a Presentation

Every great presentation has an emotional arc. Review this framework to help you to develop the emotional arc of a presentation.

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These reflection frameworks are designed to help you reflect on your innovation and gather the needed materials to create your presentations. Not all of these reflection questions might be relevant to your project; it is okay to skip some.

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You will use the templates below to create both the script of what you are going to say as well as the visuals you are going to use to help tell your story. After you have created both the script and the visuals, you will combine these two decks to create the final slide deck you will use during your presentaiton.

Script Template

This slide deck has reflective questions to help the you to develop the message you want to share with your audience.

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Slide Deck Template

This slide deck template is designed to help you build the visuals for your presentations.

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In order to improve your presentation, you need to deliver it to a variety of colleagues in order to get feedback. Those giving feedback should use the Innovation and Presentation Rubrics as criteria to evaluate your presentation. Ideally, during the the final practice round, you will be paired with a policymaker or business leader to help to ensure that your message will be well received by other policymakers.

Innovation Rubrics

These rubrics provide criteria for the innovation you will be sharing. Use these rubrics to get feedback and improve your idea.

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Presentation Rubrics

These rubrics provide criteria for your presentation. Use these rubrics to get feedback and improve your presentation.

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Giving and recieving constructive feedback is not always easy. It is a skill that does not come naturally to many people, but it can be learned! Both those giving and those receiving feedback should reference the Guide to Giving & Receiving Feedback for best practices. Based on the feedback the participants receive, they should make improvements to their presentations.

How to Give & Receive Feedback

This guide shares best practices for those giving and receiving feedback.

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